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Xinhua Beijing February 17 the 17th power Reporter learned from the State Administration of Quality Supervision , Administration of Quality Supervision , Development and Reform Commission , the Ministry of Industry jointly issued a notice requiring major equipment to strengthen supervision , metallurgy , electric power , petroleum, petrochemical , environmental protection , etc. 9 major industries , 35 professional major equipment or equipment critical equipment , into the first countries to encourage the implementation of equipment supervision of major equipment catalog . According to reports, since 2001 China has established equipment supervision system, the three departments jointly issued the first specific embodiment of the apparatus of supervision directory .
Equipment supervision is the unit meets the statutory requirements accept appointments , according to the relevant laws and regulations , mandatory standards and procurement contracts, professional services for the quality of equipment , investment, progress and security provided . Three departments notice pointed out that currently China's major investment in large-scale equipment showed a high degree of technical complexity and long manufacturing cycles and the installation process is difficult to replace production operations , etc. , once the quality of security incidents , will inevitably result in significant personal injury and damage to property attention.
The circular stressed the need to effectively implement the major equipment quality and safety responsibilities. Contractor or major equipment supplier , contractor or contractors responsible for its major equipment design, manufacture, installation quality ; owners of major equipment to improve the investment decision-making process and project management system ; equipment and supervision units accept appointments , the quality of the equipment , and other investment, progress and security implementation and management services and professional supervision.
Notification requirements, the government investment projects , state-owned enterprises or state-controlled enterprises need to invest in government-approved investment projects involving major equipment catalog , equipment supervision should be implemented . The state will also explore the establishment of major equipment to support the first (set ) the localization of liability insurance.
Notice of proposed three major equipment department will establish a sound mechanism for collaborative management supervision , and organizations involved in major projects and major equipment catalog joint or special checks and audits in a timely manner .