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18, 2011 , the Ministry of Industry was held in 2013 the development of the communications industry press conference . MIIT run Monitoring and Coordination Bureau , spokesman Xiaochun Quan said in answer to a reporter's question , the Ministry will work with relevant departments , scientific revised automobile industry development policy to promote the automobile industry to expand open .
About the automotive sector joint venture company's shares on the ratio , Xiaochun Quan said the Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighteen open for further expansion proposed new requirements, a new deployment . MIIT as a department , will work with relevant departments to seriously study and implement .
According to reports, when the country joined the World Trade Organization requires foreign automobile joint ventures accounted for shares may not exceed 50%. Nowadays , with the rapid development of China's market economy, lifting foreign investment straitjacket voice growing stronger.
Xiaochun Quan said that the 50 percent requirement , in line with its WTO commitments , to strengthen joint cooperation between China and the international automobile manufacturers , the introduction of advanced technologies and products , promote the development of domestic industries , have played a significant role. "For example, last year , our car production and sales have exceeded 21 million , for five consecutive years to achieve the world's first ."
But Xiaochun Quan also said that at present China's current structure is not reasonable automobile industry , the technical level is not high , independent research and development capacity is relatively weak, these issues are still quite prominent , adjust and optimize the structure of China's automobile industry is still a very urgent task.
Xiaochun Quan pointed out that " this aspect also needs to increase cooperation with foreign auto some large enterprises, strengthen exchanges ."
In fact, the Chinese auto companies are also involved in the expansion of open and competitive confidence. Li Shufu , chairman of Geely Holding Group has said publicly that the joint venture equity ratio fully liberalized.
Staff said Geely Geely reason to support open , out of three considerations : First, from the development experience of the United States , Japan and Europe for centuries these mature Korean auto market point of view, its automobile industry has become a global market share of several backbone , no restrictions have benefited from the local competition . In contrast, some of the relatively closed markets, such as Malaysia , the development of the local automotive industry is not satisfactory . Second, the closed environment in the short term may be able to "protect" existing competitors , but in the long run, only full competition can bring vitality to the industry , companies can develop further. Third, from a global point of view, an open market economy, participants can play a dominant force in the country and is based on consideration of the interests of consumers .